27 January 2013

Extra! Extra! Read all about them

RuPaul’s Drag Race had it's 5th season premiered on line.
RuPaul meets the new Queens

And this opening episode was crammed with very peculiar expressions of English, particularly those uttered by the Queen mother RuPaul. If you like the strange and creative English of RPDRace enjoy this extra edition of the blog. Read it to filth!

…and I’m the Queen bee…” Detox makes reference to her costume and the word queen (homossexual).

Hunny, I’m serving up fish. Tuna on a platter.” Jade Jolie. 

Fish means to look like a real female and not like a man in drag.

"Honey Mahogany is like a Rupaul’s Drag Race poster…but not quite as polished. Sorry about it.Detox says these final three words singing.

“This might be the fishiest season ever darling!” Monica Beverly Hillz. Fishiest, superlative of fishy, i.e. full of drags who look like a real woman.

“And then enter Coco Montrese.
The face crack of the century.” Allyssa. 

Face crack, in the urban dictionary means addicted to facebook – though I'm not sure of this meaning is what Alyssa implied. Alyssa and Coco are mortal enemies; Alyssa accuses Coco of back stabbing; does that has anything to do with face crack?

“Welcome my Queens. I’ve told you California was the place you ought to be. So you tightened up your tuck, and you flew to Beverly… Hills. Adjacent that is. So, whether you’re a fresh princess of Bel-Air, a Malibu Barbie, or just serving real housewife realness, to get your big break in RuPaullywood you’ll need to make an even bigger splash and really shake things up!

tuck (hyde penis and balls in the body),
Beverly Hills Adjacent, name given by realters to area next to Beverly Hills. 
fresh princess of Bel-Air... allusion to the sitcom Fresh Prince of Bell-Air
real housewife realness, reference to the reality show Real Housewives
you’ll need to make an even bigger splash, allusion to the up comming mini challenge in which the queens have to enter a pool full of water. 

Mini Challenge
“What we’re looking for is underwater glamour.” RuPaul. “…like…giv’ us fish.” Mike Ruiz.
“Please, notice there’s no p in the water.” RuPaul plays with the sentece there’s no p in pool.
“It’s the bumblefish.” Ruiz identify the queens with differents types of fish; he calls Detox of bumblefish. Bumblefish doesn't exist, but is a deviation of bumblebee.
“The time’s come for you to sink for your life.” RuPaul corrupts his own catchphrase replacing the original lip-sync for sink.
“I can see your seafood platter. Your paella is showing.” RuPaul alludes to Selena ChaCha whose privates parts aren't tucked. 

“Don’t be so shallow Alyssa.” RuPaul says b'cos Alyssa stays closer to the service; RuPaul uses an admonishing tone since shallow also means a 'superficial person'.

“Jynx Monsoon welcome to the drag lagoon.” RuPaul uses rhyme with the name Jynx 'n refers to the film title The Blue Lagoon.
“Jynx there’s got to be a morning after.” RuPaul makes reference to the song ‘The Morning After in the film The Poseidon adventure.
“Deeper Penny Tration. Girl you’re gonna put Shelley
Williams out of work.” R
“Alaska is underwater. Damn you global warming.” RuPaul, talking to Alaska.
“It’s Honey Mahogany!… Honey, I sunk the kids.” RuPaul referes to the film Honey, I shrunk the kids.’

“Sparkle Lineysha!” (Sparkle ‘brilha’ Lineysha) RuPaul talks to the drag Lineysha Sparx.

“Serving Tuna Turner. Instant Coco, just add water.” RuPaul talks to Coco Montrese making reference to Tina Turner and coconut.

Main Challenge

“All that ass.” RuPaul makes reference to the film title of All That Jazz.
"I dream of Jynx.” Santino makes a reference to the series I Dream of Jeannie.
“Loofah my ass” RuPaul uses 'my ass'  - an expression of disagreement - making a reference to the loofah sewed in the back part of her costume.
“She’s detoxing from crack by the way.” RuPaul making a reference to the drag Detox with the verb detex and allude to crack (butt crack).

“The lady boy in red.” RuPaul makes reference to the film title The Lady in Red.

“Let’s have lunch at The Ivy” RuPaul, alluding to Ivy Summers.
“You can catch more flies with Honey Mahogany.” RuPaul.
The men love me, the women love me.Ruiz mentions this from the 1975 film Mahogany, alluding to Honey Mahogany on the runway.
“Ding, ding, ding…” Ruiz mimics the sound tune of NBC network because Jade wears the simbols of the channel.

“A Penny for your thoughts.” RuPaul alludes to Penny Tration.

“I’m walking slow and letting them take all the Penny Tration in.” Penny Tration and another pun with her name
“I wonder if she has a twin; she’d be double Penny Tration.” Ruiz.  

“Alaska. I can see Russia from here.” RuPaul refers to the drag Alaska and allude to her bottom as she lives the runway.

During the deliberation the judges still created neologisms:

Eloguent, compound of Elegant and Eloquent which started from a slip of the tongue of Michelle Visage.
TP, normally toilet paper; here means total package.
Coutorture, compound of Couture and Torture.

The show ended here. The end wasn't aired. But whoever watches the full new episode will now be more prepared to the linguistic oddities of RPDRace.

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