18 May 2014

Weird Word - Portmanteau is... (2)

...a word that blends sounds and combines the meaning of two others (Concise Oxford English Dictionary).

...a word such as:
B O O T Y L I C I O U S.

Bootylicious has officially made into the OXford English Dictionary in 2004.

Bootylicious, as the OED defines, is an informal word of American English. It's said of a woman, sexually appealing.

OED dates it's origins to the 1990's, n' highlights the portmanteau formation: 

Bootylicious coinage is attributed to American rapper Snoop Dog in 1992, according to Wikipedia. 

However, the rapper may just have known to the media a word that should've been in use by his community at the time.

In 2001, Destiny's Child,
produced a hit named
This made the word 
more widely known - thus,
worthy of its OED entry.

Portmanteaus with delicious are noted since the 1950's - OED wise.

Babelicious - Glammalicious - ChocoliciousChavlicious.

Fergalicious - song by Fergie & Black Eyed Peas.

Candylicious - theme party at a pub.

Once we learn, it's easy to recognise a portmanteau with delicious
And also to coin your own word, like...

Jonesylicious - a (remote?) selfie by Jones.



Comming Up...

Metrosexual, Staycation, and T W E R K!

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