2 May 2014

Weird Word - Portmanteau is... (1)

...a large travelling bag made of stiff leather and opening into two equal parts (Concise Oxford English Dictionary).

Portmanteau is also a WORD,
used as a modifier.

So, a portmanteau film is a film that consists of 
two or more parts, aspects, or qualities.

Twilight Zone, The Movie (1983) - Creepshow (1982) - Pulp Fiction (1994)

Portmanteau Films, aka Anthology Film, Omnibus Film.

Portmanteau is also a concept that can be applied to words.

Portmanteau Word: a word that blend sounds and combine 
the meanings of two others (Concise OED).

Some portmanteaus, like sexting, are quite new in English.

It's quite easy to get good information in the web
about the meaning and origin of recent portmanteau words.
Regardless, I too want to share my contribution about the subject here.

Here are some portmanteaus that everyone above the age of 30 
must have once found unusual / weird.


Pre + Sequel. A prefix meaning 'before' plus a noun. 

It has origins in the 1970's according to Concise OED - though wikipedia claims 1958 using OED reference.

Now that prequels are so popular in cinema,
the word took a life of its own.

Threequel Interquel Midquel


 Vlog - Video + Blog

It has origins in the 2000's with the rise of video blogs - probably.

It's one of those words linked to the Internet that now
is everywhere in English - like Blogsphere.

Photolog - Litblog - Flog

Weblog is among a prolific spring of 
other internet related portmanteaus.

Webcam - Webmaster - Webisode - WebinarWebcast

It doesn't matter how bizarre they may've sounded at first,
we all got used to these portmanteaus.

Comming Up...

Bootylicious, Metrosexual, Staycation, and more.

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